Register & Fundraise

Ready to Hike for Hunger?
Register and start fundraising today!


How to register:

  • Register online! You can sign-up as an individual or as part of a team.
  • Download and complete the registration and waiver form, then mail or deliver to:
    • Hunger Free Colorado
      c/o Hike for Hunger
      1801 N. Williams St., #200
      Denver, CO 80218


How to fundraise:


Fundraising tips:

Set your fundraising goal.
Get creative and have fun while being healthy and active! You can raise money based on whatever suits you, such as:

  • Steps or miles completed during one hike or walk
  • Total miles hiked during the month of July
  • Elevation gained during one or more hikes

Start now!
The sooner you begin, the more successful you’ll be in meeting your fundraising goal!

Make your own contribution.
Lead the way by making your own donation. Then, ask family, friends and colleagues to match your contribution!

Just ask!
People want to support good causes! What is better than being active and helping end hunger? Ask for support from your family, friends, colleagues and others. You can reach out via:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Phone
  • In-person

Share a story.
Why are you passionate about ending hunger in Colorado? Tell others why you’re participating and why their support matters.

Plan a hike!
Pick a trail, day and time, and then ask others to join you. You could even have each person donate $10 (or another amount) to participate.

Challenge others to join the cause, take more steps, commit more miles, or finally climb that first 14er or 13er!

Show gratitude.
Make sure to thank your donors! Send a personal note, email or tag them in a social media post.